Corel Draw From Zero to Hero: Graphic Design From Scratch

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What you’ll learn

  • Corel Draw Interface
  • All Corel Draw Tools
  • Removing Backgrounds With Corel Draw
  • Logo Design..e.g..Apple Logo, Pepsi Logo, Addidas Logo, Chrom Logo, BMW Logo..etc
  • Dockers in Corel Draw
  • Adding Links /URL to Corel draw Document
  • Decorating text With Power Clip
  • Crazy Things to do with Smart Fill
  • Fitting Text to Path
  • A series of Corel draw Effects such as distort and Blend
  • Drawing Customized Curves

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This Corel Draw course is designed to help you learn Corel Draw from start to advanced. We have covered all tools included in Corel Draw. I have tried my best to demonstrate using real life examples and that is why we have section showing application of skills learnt. We have demonstrated how to design some of the top logos and this is to help you actualize every skill taught. I have highlighted the most import tools in Corel Draw to make sure you concentrate more on what matters. This does not mean mean I have ignored any of the tools. All tools are covered in the course and therefore the course is a stepping stone to unlock you dream of becoming a Corel Draw Guru.

Some of the Topics we Will Cover include:

=>Navigating the Corel Draw interface

=>All Tools included in Corel Draw

=>Removing Backgrounds using Corel Draw

=>Designing Logos using Corel Draw..Apple logo, Google Chrome logo, Addidas logo..etc

=>Power of Combining Shapes weld, trim, Intersect

             =>It is worth noting that this course have in mind all versions of Corel Draw and by taking it you will be comfortable working with any version of Corel Draw…i.e X3-Corel Draw 2021

=>If you have any questions or queries related to this course, feel free to ask and post questions directly.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Learning Graphic Design Using Corel Draw

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Corel Draw From Zero to Hero: Graphic Design From Scratch
Corel Draw From Zero to Hero: Graphic Design From Scratch
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