Create your own NFT game in Unity from cero

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What you’ll learn

  • Create a simple 2D game in Unity connected to the Blockchain
  • Creation of NFTs in OpenSea and Refinable and import them into the game
  • Create your own custom Token and import it into Unity
  • Interaction of simple functions of the Blockchain to the game, using Metamask

Learn from cero how to create a simple Flappy Bird game in Unity, connected to the blockchain.


You will create your own custom cryptocurrency that you will include in your game to transact within it, as well as create and import NFT collections just like big NFT games like Axie Infinity do.

The course does not focus on programming a very complete game in Unity. Rather, it is focused on learning how to connect the world of cryptocurrencies within Unity games.

It is then the responsibility of each student to take the courses specifically on game programming in order to create an excellent NFT game!


But if you are interested in cryptos, and games, but never programmed anything, this course can be a very good base for you! No previous experience required.

At the end of the course you will have become familiar with the management of virtual wallets such as Metamask, the creation of Smart Contracts using Solidity language, creating different collections of NFTs in the different networks and their different markets.

If you are already a Unity programmer, this course can help you learn the tool you may have been looking for to incorporate blockchain into your games!

Both for Web and mobile devices.

Who this course is for:

  • Aimed at anyone who wants to start developing NFT games with the Unity platform

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Create your own NFT game in Unity from cero
Create your own NFT game in Unity from cero
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