Laravel-Livewire Chat-Message app (Realtime) from scratch

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What you’ll learn

  • Create a realtime app chat with Laravel- Livewire
  • Deliver our messages to other users in realtime without the need for them to refresh their own page using Laravel Broadcasting
  • Send feedback when a message is has been read
  • Show unread messages Count
  • display ticks for our messages
  • Transmit private messages and events in realtime

Create a realtime ‘one to one’ responsive chat application that you can add to your Laravel-Livewire website , unlike other chat applications which use ‘polling’ , in this course we are going to use realtime broadcasting with Laravel so we deliver our messages in realtime to other users without the need for  them to  refresh  their own page .

You will also learn how to send feedback/notification when a user receives a message. All this in real time 🙂

In this course you will learn how to :

  • Setup the Database structure of our Chat system
  • Create/start a new conversation with any  user
  • Implement ‘read & unread‘ messages count
  • Add ticks  on our messages
  • Use the CSS super power SASS to design our chat component  🙂
  • Make our chat responsive on all devices ; Mobile ,Tablet ,desktop
  • Share data between Livewire components
  • Reduce server requests by updating only a few parts of our Chat Component using Livewire features


Who Should Take This Course?

  • both beginners and experienced Laravel web developers will benefit from this step by step set of tutorials. We will also be using some basic , JavaScript, and jQuery.
  • Students taking this course are required to have some basic knowledge in Laravel Livewire as it will be the core concept of our realtime front end architecture




Who this course is for:

  • This course is for those who already have basic knowledge in Laravel and Livewire, you can increase your knowledge and move a step further in your programming career by learning how to use realtime features in your web applications

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Laravel-Livewire Chat-Message app (Realtime) from scratch
Laravel-Livewire Chat-Message app (Realtime) from scratch
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