Learn to make Telegram Bot In Python

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What you’ll learn

  • How to make Telegram Bot in python
  • How does an API work
  • Message Automation
  • pyTelegramBotAPI module

In this course, I teach the fundamentals required to get started with the telegram bot api and different aspects of working with it. also I go on to teach a module named pyTelegramBotAPI which is a wrapper on top of the bot api to get the best out of what telegram and python programming has to offer. By taking this course you will learn how to make Telegram bots in a real world scenerio.

I go on to build a shop bot, where I demonstrate the different ways a bot could handle and respond a message, but the course is not limited to only that. You have much more to learn from it.

Before taking this course you should have some knowledge of Python programming language to understand, I do recommend one to code along with me as I develop bot to get practical idea about things.

One could make many things with Telegram bot, with 500 million+ active users on the telgram platform that’s about ~8% of world population, who are on telegram. There exists bots ranging from small shops making their digital presence to dating bots to education material provider bots, only your imagination is the limit on what you can build. Knowing such a skill would come handly someday or another.

Who this course is for:

  • Python programmer of any level with desire to make Telegram Bots

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Learn to make Telegram Bot In Python
Learn to make Telegram Bot In Python

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