Magnetic Emails: Your New Superpower at Work + in Business

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What you’ll learn

  • Start conversations with almost anyone – imagine the possiblities!
  • Write cold emails that actually get a response
  • Deepen relationships with your teammates + managers
  • Know what to write with simple templates + examples
  • Stay top-of-mind with your clients (without pestering them)
  • Build instant rapport + likeability with potential customers
  • Win the attention of influencers + hard-to-reach people
  • Sell more products + services without feeling gross
  • Brighten your career prospects, boost your business revenue
  • Give your freelance proposals + pitches a colossal headstart

“I can’t believe they didn’t reply!”

“Why won’t anyone listen to me?”

“How do I get the attention of [person/business]?”

“I’m sending waaay too many follow-up emails.”

“Why are my response rates so low? I thought I was a decent writer!”

If you’re sick of sending emails at work that get ignored, overlooked, misunderstood or shoved aside.

And if you’re stuck because you’re not getting replies to your cold emails…

Know that you are not alone.


These days, it can feel impossible to grab people’s attention.

The average worker sends and receives a brain-melting 124 emails a day.

So, it’s no surprise most business emails fall into a black hole, never to be seen or heard from again.

EEESH! All that effort… gone to waste.


What if there was a different way to write emails?

What if there was a way that could get you unstuck. Blast through the noise. Start conversations. Build relationships. Open doors—and get you more of what you want at work and in business?

How good would it feel to stop wasting hours of your one wild-and-precious-life over emails that end up in the wasteland of no response…

…and instead, regularly hear the ping of green lights and hell-yeah’s in your inbox?

That’s what I want to help you with inside Magnetic Emails.


Why enrol in Magnetic Emails?

Whether you’re a manager, a freelancer, an employee,  an entrepreneur, or a business owner, if you’ve ever sent an email and didn’t get the response you wanted, this course will help.


By the end of our time together, you’ll have the framework to:


  • Write cold emails that get replied to
  • Start conversations with just about anyone
  • Increase your chances of winning dream projects, jobs and clients
  • Get business-building referrals and testimonials
  • Secure more PR and publicity for your business
  • Collaborate with valuable partners and influencers
  • Persuade and motivate your colleagues, bosses, team members
  • Get the attention of hard-to-reach editors and podcasters
  • Open doors to new + exciting opportunities
  • Make big, audacious, LIFE-CHANGING asks


When you can write magnetic emails, you have at your fingertips a tool to create more possibilities. A chance to rewrite the story, and give every aspect of your career and/or business a boost.


Why are magnetic emails so important?

In a word… rapport.

No matter what you do for a living, or which industry you’re in, your success comes down to your ability to build trust and rapport with other humans.

And when you can’t be there in person to smile, shake hands or make eye contact, the only thing you have to create that connection is the WORDS in your EMAILS.

I can show you how to write impossible-to-ignore emails that create an electric connection. So that your most important emails don’t end up in the digital wastepaper basket. And instead… get you more of what you want… every time you hit send.

Sound good?


What exactly is this course and why do you need it?

It’s a framework and a series of easy-to-follow templates, exercises, worksheets, checklists, and real-world examples to help you write magnetic emails.

Because NONE of us were taught how to do this.

None of us were given step-by-step instructions on business communication. Not at school. Not in books. Not in the workplace.

In fact, the way we were taught to write communicate in business and essays is the polar opposite of how we should write emails.

Yet it’s one of the most universally important skills we can have.

That’s why I’ve bottled everything I’ve learned in my 10 years as a business owner and professional copywriter into a series of tangible, granular lessons you can instantly apply to your next email.


What else?

Inside Magnetic Emails, you’ll find smart business writing tactics grounded in proven persuasion psychology and conversion copywriting. These are tactics you can easily slot into your own style.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a set of powerful business writing tools to help you write magnetic emails with confidence. Emails that get you ahead faster, whoever you’re writing to and whatever kind of email you’re sending.


What this course isn’t?

Important: This isn’t another course about email marketing or building your email list.

This course isn’t about email etiquette. Or who to cc or bcc people. Or what time of day to send your emails.

There are plenty of great courses on those already.

This course is different.

Magnetic Emails focuses purely on business communication and writing emails that grab the attention of endlessly distracted, always-on, overburdened, swivel-eyed, sidetracked, exhausted, stress-ridden, hair-on-fire humans. (That’s all of us, right?)

Whether they’re your potential clients and customers for your business… or your work colleagues.

Because it doesn’t matter how impeccable your writing is, how big your list, or how well-prepared you think you are.

NONE of that matters if you can’t write meaningful, valuable, relevant, attention-grabbing emails that people actually want to respond to.

As a professional copywriter trained in the art of grabbing, holding and keeping people’s attention, I’ve designed this course to help you do exactly that.


Ready to start writing emails that generate the responses you need to be successful?

Click the BUY NOW button and start sending your best emails today.


Who this course is for:

  • Managers, freelancers, business owners, employees, sales people
  • ANYONE who writes emails and wants to get better results

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Magnetic Emails: Your New Superpower at Work + in Business
Magnetic Emails: Your New Superpower at Work + in Business
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