Mastering the Unix Command-line with Bash

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What you’ll learn

  • How to read and build commands
  • How to navigate the Unix filesystem
  • How to use expansions
  • How to manipulate files and directories
  • How to redirect a command’s input and output
  • How to use in-terminal text editors
  • How to use package managers
  • How to create users, groups and control access rights
  • How to control several processes

Hello everyone, my name is Razvan, I’m a senior back-end engineer and online instructor and in this course I will teach you how to become a master of the Unix shell.


Although it’s true that the graphical user interface dramatically simplifies our personal day to day use of computers, to navigate through folders, edit files and install software… the shell, beyond providing an outstanding level of control over the operating system, still proves to this day to be the best and sometimes only option to perform most of our tasks as developers.


Indeed, using a shell is, often the only way to run certain programs or to connect to distant computers, as tools like Git or Linux servers don’t provide a graphical interface.


This course is indeed going to cover a lot of topics and concepts but no worries, I don’t assume you already know what a terminal, a command-line or text editor is — so we’ll go through all of it, step by step.


All you need, is a computer or a virtual machine running either on Linux or MacOS.


And because theory is not enough, you will find practical exercises throughout each lecture to make sure the concepts you learn really stick with you.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and junior developers that want to get serious about programming

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Mastering the Unix Command-line with Bash
Mastering the Unix Command-line with Bash
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