Oracle Fast Formula Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Oracle Fast Formula In depth training
  • Live scenarios for implementation using Fast formula
  • Writing fast formula from scratch to the complicated level
  • Understanding the business need to write fast formulas

Oracle is widely used ERP world wide and is being used by many small,medium and large scale industries to maintain the employee data, their absences, compensation details, running the payroll, reconciling the output through reports. As different businesses have different needs, Oracle has come up with fast formulas to satisfy individual business requirements or custom logic. These fast formulas can be written in all the modules of HR, like Absence, payroll, OTL, Compensation, Benefits. And to learn Fast formula is not at all a rocket science but a bit of aptitude need. Oracle does provide all that is needed in common across all businesses but for any custom payroll calculatio, Element entry validation, proration logic, Accrual calculation, Absence validation, carryover logic and what not, Fast formula comes handy  Hope you will enjoy the sessions and be expert after going through the videos.



1. Overview of Fast Formula

2. Uses of Fast Formula

3. Fast formula content

3.1 Formula Components

– Assignment Statements

– Return Statements

– Variables

– Input Statements

– Expressions

– Conditions

– Comments


3.2 Formula Statements

– Statement Types

– Ordering Statement

– Grouping Statement


3.3 Classes of Variables

– Input Variables

– Output Variables

– Local Variables


3.4 Naming Variables

– Reserved Words

– Formula Data Types

– Array Methods


3.5 Database Items

– Straight DBI’s

– Array DBI’s


3.6 Formula Operators

3.7 Literals

– Numeric

– Text

– Date

– Array

3.8 Formula Variable Types: How they are determined

3.9 Formula Contexts

3.10 Working Storage Area


4. Formula Types

4.1 Payroll

– Oracle Payroll

– Element Entry Validation

4.2 Absences

– Global Absence Accrual Matrix Formula

– Global Absence Entry Validation


5. Practice

– Plain Requirement

– Mid – Complex Requirement

– Complex Requirements

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who is looking to learn fast formula is a very simple and easily understandable language would find this course very helpful. I would also be happy to assist you in all your quries now and whenever later.

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Oracle Fast Formula Course
Oracle Fast Formula Course
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