30 Before and After Pics: Cats’ Amazing Journey from Rescue to Home

Hey there, pet enthusiasts! Get ready for a heartwarming treat from the world of rescue cats. You know how amazing it feels when a lost or neglected fur baby finds its forever home? It’s like a tiny ray of sunshine peeping through a gloomy day.

Well, we’ve been hanging out on a pretty cool subreddit lately, r/BeforeNAfterAdoption, home to our favorite feline glow-ups. This spot is littered with before and after snaps showing how amazing adopting a kitty can be. We’re talking about scared, skinny kitties turned into happy, healthy, and bouncy family members. Talk about starting your week with a grin!

#1 Found This ~7 Month Old Kitty Hanging Around My Shop May 31st. Super Friendly With Everyone

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But let’s get real. Taking on a needy pet ain’t a walk in the park. That’s part of why we have so many cats stuck in shelters. It’s down to us to take a good, hard look at what it really means to be a pet parent.


#2 People Won’t Look When She Was On The Streets 2 Years Ago. Now They Are Amazed By How Much Beauty She Has To Offer

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Samira Coccon, a Rome-based cat whisperer, tells us that many folks give up their feline friends because of allergies or a move to a non-pet-friendly place. But the truth ain’t that simple. Many pet parents dump their kitties at shelters because of age-related issues or ‘bad’ behavior.

#3 Second Chance

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Here’s a tough stat for you – an estimated 4 million cats are put down at shelters every year worldwide. Countless others end up on the streets, fending for themselves, and often dying from infections, accidents, or starvation. Ouch.

#4 One Year Of Good Care And Love

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It takes more than a big heart to adopt a cat. Understanding their needs, doing your homework, and showing a heap of compassion is crucial to being a top-notch cat owner. The catch? Many of us think we know it all, but we often get it wrong.

#5 The Day They Were Found And 3 Years Later

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According to Coccon, some of us reckon that cats are less needy than dogs, that they can be alone for days, don’t need regular vet visits, and aren’t educatable. But, spoiler alert – they need and deserve our TLC just like any other pet.

#6 My Sweet Boy, Lez! He Was Half Dead, Found In The Snow In Brooklyn. I Got Him Off Of Craigslist Lol

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There’s also those of us who aren’t ready for the changing needs of an aging or sick cat. We don’t neuter them on time, or we don’t learn about their personality before taking them in. These and other missteps can end up in a kitty-human mismatch.

#7 Found This Scrap Of A Kitten Under A Bus Stop. Was Worried She’d Be Blind, But Look At Those Beautiful Eyes Now!

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And here’s the thing – understanding why cats behave the way they do can help us avoid unmet expectations, frustration, and in the worst-case scenario, abandonment.

#8 She Was Shaking Like A Leaf And Kept Burying Her Head In Our Arms

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One last point, coming from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). They say the biggest cat-related issue is the huge population of unsterilized outdoor cats. This leads to tons of homeless cats breeding uncontrollably in outdoor spaces. Many of them are feral or semi-owned, having been lost or abandoned by their owners.

#9 This Is Doutor Before And After Adopted

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Phew, that was a lot. But remember, we’re all in this together. Being a responsible pet parent is all about education, compassion, and a little bit of common sense.

#10 Rabbit & Cricket, 1 Year Later

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#11 1 Year Ago I Found This Tiny Kitten In The Middle Of The Parking Lot At My Work. Scroll To See Xena Grow Up!

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#12 Toast The Day I Brought Him Home And Then A Few Months Later!

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#13 13 Year Old Pouncer Is A Hospice Foster Fail! He Was Neglected And Ignored After His Mom Died. I’m So Lucky To Give Him A Happy Home Until He’s Ready To Join His Mama On The Other Side

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#14 Five Years Ago I Fed A Stray Kitten, It Followed Me Home

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#15 My Handsome Boy Fry

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